Scalable Software Server (SSS) & Software development
for Small & Medium Enterprises

ORIC was formed as a ‘rebirth product’ of our now-defunct digital marketing agency, back in 2014.  For about 2 years, the founder of ORIC took a break from the business world and focuses on various freelance assignments. It was then in end-2016 that he realised the current over-saturation of hosting and software services have diminished the quality of those services. Given his passion and experience in these field, he has returned to Singapore and restructure his business plans, to offer a better, fairer and more personal service to the end-user – You.  And thus, ORIC is created.

ORIC is a young and innovative modular hosting provider based out of Singapore. Our secondary service also includes Software development (or many may call it as “Web Design”). Our focus on offering highly scalable cloud hosting plan allows businesses to pay for only what they need. We have partnered with Amazon to ensure that our service are kept to a 99.999% uptime rate. Also, we will be launching a blockchain-based App that will greatly improve our users with automated upgrades of their respective hosting addons, and more .

We are currently hosting more than 300 businesses in Singapore and Taiwan, and we hope to achieve our goal of servicing 10,000 businesses regionally by 2020. While our current team are kept at a comfortable size (to maximise productivity and cost), we are planning to also setup a branch office to service more users , prior to reaching the goal. ORIC’s modus operandi is to provide a highly personalised and to build a community of users that we could help us reach our goals quicker, and better.

Years Formed (fr 2016)
Businesses Served
Web/Softwares Developed


Software Development

We specialize in custom traditional & blockchain-based software development.  Implement cryptography-based technologies to store immutable data. We can help you choose which of your processes are suitable for this technology. Develop your full-stack blockchain application or prototype, including – Solidity smart contracts, All mobile and web interfaces, All third party integrations. Thoroughly test your solution and ensure that your smart contracts are ready for deployment to a production blockchain.

Cost: S$POA

SSS Cloud Hosting

We are not going to explain all the technical mambo-jumbos here, but to put it simply, we have broken down a traditional hosting plan and hire Gandalf & Amazon to turn our plans into modular ones. You may ask, what’s so unique about it then? The benefit of doing this is to save a significant cost to your usual hosting plans. We have just 1 hosting plan for you, and you may request for an addon to your space, database, emails, etc.. With ORIC, you only need to pay what you need. We are small business owners as well, we understand budgeting is king.

Cost: S$6 p.m. (Base Plan)


Currently, we have a handful of friendly people on board our reseller program. You may be someone that is looking to start a software/hosting company but prefers to outsource your clients’ work instead of spending hours working on the project yourself. With ORIC Reseller Program, we will be your developer/hosting technicians. With our local team of experts, we assure you that your clients will be satisfied with your company’s work. Ah, did we forget to mention that we may even work together, as part of your company (namesake-wise)

Cost: S$POA

Our Cloud Hosting Plan


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